Struppler Industriedesign covers a wide range of services. With a multi-member team consisting of mechanical engineering, product design, and user experience that combines the latest technical expertise and design competence in a multidisciplinary approach. Successfully – many of our products have won international awards.
No two projects are alike – Struppler Industriedesign has the size and expertise to perform specific tasks promptly and individually. From research to implementation, we map the entire design process and ensure transparent communication and guidance across all interfaces.
Making serial products unique. Thinking simply about complex work and production processes. Implementing design concepts that innovatively combine form and functionality – analogue and digital. Knowing different markets and developing sustainable brand strategies. For and with our clients.



UniCell for the esmo AG

For esmo AG in Rosenheim we were able to develop the design concept for a new module series.

The line consists of a variable modular system that can accommodate a wide variety of functional units. Manufacturing and cleaning processes can be mapped on the platform structure, and testing and measuring procedures can be carried out - the modules can be connected to each other by means of conveyor elements.


selected by stylepark

Glassworks - the glassboard from the collection of roomours Kommunikationstools was selected as an outstanding product at Orgatec 2018 by Stylepark with 19 other new products.

Glassworks is available in clear or grey-transparent glas, the wooden legs in oak, oiled or black painted. Glassworks is the ideal addition for meeting- and conference rooms.


Best of Year 2017 for the Versa office system

Our Versa office system for Spanish manufacturer Ofita received the "Best of Year Award – Honorable Mention" presented by the IBA in New York. The jury highlighted the combination of independent design and integration of functional solutions. The award ceremony took place in the IAC building designed by Frank Gehry.



How does an office chair create a sense of weightlessness? Which corporate product design makes industrial circular saws unmistakable? How can a display be made user-friendly for young and old? From the details to the big picture – we always ask ourselves the right questions first. The following projects provide the answers.


Development of the corporate product design and definition of a uniform product language for the company Altendorf.



From "Bagnotherm" to the award-winning "Decotherm": Revision and new development of radiator series for bath and living rooms.



Design and development of the Caddy assistance family for the Austrian company Bene GmbH.



More storage space and different color moods for the bathroom - a series of furniture with intelligent lighting control.



Strong in service – serving trolleys for restaurants and catering.


esmo automation

Multifunctionality and flexibility - UniCell's modular system offers customized solutions in design and function.



Invented! Development of the first step-in-snowboard binding of Struppler Industriedesign for F2.



Design of a flexible table system for international demands and the support of technical implementation.



Design of a collection of tea services-as a tribute to the cultures of different countries.



Exploit the possibilities of product and interface design in all its diversity! For us, this begins with an analysis of the customer portfolio and strategic consulting – regardless of whether we are tasked with developing new products or make existing ones better. At work, in interpersonal relations, in life – we are committed to function as a means of ensuring that our ideas really make a difference for people.

Product design

Product design

From machines for large-scale industrial assembly work, to ergonomically optimized office chairs, and from fully-automated packaging systems to table lamps – Struppler Industriedesign creates products for factories and living rooms, for serial production processes and artisan manufactories.

A sense of current market developments and social trends, and an understanding of technical innovations are essential – and incorporated into every project. We look to the future and focus on function – to create long-lasting products that are unique in their target markets. Our approach to design involves clarity and reduction. The technical production aspects of the development process are also given a clear language – with precise elaboration and the creation of application-oriented datasets.

We use software tools like SolidWorks and ProE to quickly test and optimize variants. This enable us to carry out the entire preliminary and final design process according to our clients’ individual specifications, taking all technical factors into account, without detours. Detailed, precise templates and instructions for assembly, all technical documentation, and the development of integrated data structures ensure transparent communication among all parties involved. We have a highly-qualified network of reliable suppliers and manufacturers for various production targets, and we can recommend them as partners for the implementation process.

Interface design

Interface design

From touch screens to mechanical control units – the real benefit becomes evident when smooth, intuitive communication takes place at the interface between man and product or machine. That's why we are so focused on the development of the best possible interface.

No matter how good the design and functionality of a product or large industrial production line may be on paper, optimal application economy can only be achieved with the development of state-of-the-art user interfaces. How well we can use a product or operate a machine, and how much we want to, is the key to its success. Achieving the best possible fulfilment of a requirement through goal-oriented, clearly actionable steps – this is the definition of our task in interface design. Making complex processes and functions comprehensible and representable – to ensure operation and maintenance is easy for people of different generations.

Even though technical and design expertise is essential, intuition plays a decisive role at the application level – even more than brainstorming or product development. It's always best to try things out. Struppler Industriedesign provides digital visualization or paper prototypes. These can be used to form a stable basis on which the key parameters in design and functionality can be discussed, evaluated and, if necessary, modified with the client for each project.


Founded in 1992 in Munich and internationally active ever since, Struppler Industriedesign works with a small team made up of members from various technical and design disciplines. Projects with high conceptual and formal demands require extensive experience and know-how, flexibility and energy. Our efforts have earned numerous awards – and even more importantly, helped us gain long-standing customers.

For more than twenty years, Struppler Industriedesign in Munich has been developing future-focused ideas for international clients – MSEs and large companies. Analysis and consulting, conceptual design and implementation – we assume responsibility for the complete design process. This is how we create office workstation systems, industrial plants and machinery for production and packaging or serial products that have won numerous design awards.

Our design and development services are always individually tailored to the special requirements of each project and the specific conditions of the task at hand. The size of our multi-member team and the scope of their expertise enables us to complete high-level projects on-time according to customer specifications.


Anna Boch

Anna Boch works for Struppler Industriedesign since 2015 and serves various industrial design projects. She studied product design in Darmstadt. Before her work for Struppler Industriedesign she worked in different offices.

Petra Bole

Petra Bole started studying product design at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen in 2002. An internship at Struppler Industriedesign and her diploma followed in 2006 – she has been working with Struppler since 2008.

Besides her creative activities Petra Bole works in the fields of
graphic- and interface design at Struppler Industriedesign. She is responsible for the in-house material archive, she solves questions of coloring in different  projects and maintains Strupplers

Furthermore she engages in room acoustic questions and acoustic conditions at work.


Maximilian Weger

With Struppler Industriedesign since 2018, studied industrial and furniture design in Aachen after completing an apprenticeship as a car mechatronics engineer.

Frederik Rasenberger

Started with us as a trainee and working student and has now become an integral part of our team since he graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Frederik has a weakness for model making - classic with key file and grinding block or digital from FDM, SLA to EBM.
Frederik is a passionate surfer - especially at night at the Eisbach.

Andreas Struppler

Andreas Struppler studied industrial design at the University of Kassel. Thereby he made the most of his time as a student by not only attending the required courses but also lectures of other faculties such as architecture, engine building, economy and arts. 

During his studies he worked for the studio of Wolfgang Müller Deisig and for Siemens Design in Munich. He graduated with a diploma in 1990. After that he went to Milan and worked for Matteo Thun on different projects for firms such as Keramag, Martin Stoll, Flos Valli & Valli and Keuco.

In 1992 he founded his own design studio – and was boss and staff at the same time in the beginning. Today Andreas Struppler is core and motor of his team and is engaged in conceiving product innovations and creating interface solutions.

Sebastian Frank

In 2000 he started studying product design at the University of Applied Aciences Schwäbisch Gmünd and graduated in 2004 with a diploma. After a short occupational intermezzo in Augsburg Sebastian Frank is an inherent part of the Struppler Industriedesign team since 2006. 

His passion for innovative design lastly became visible in 2013, when he presented a light installation in his first exhibition in the showrooms of Filser and Gräf.


Products developed by Struppler Industriedesign and awarded with a design prize:

selected by stylepark - glassworks, the glassboard of the collection of
roomours Kommunikationstools was awarded at the Orgatec 2018
Best of year for tablesystem Versa
Ofita, 2017
iF Design Award for pinboard Pin Up on Tour
roomours Kommunikationstools, 2017

Nomination for German Design Award for flipchart Charter
roomours Kommunikationstools, 2016

Focus Open Silver for flipchart Charter
roomours Kommunikationstools, 2014
iF Design Award for bathroom radiator Decostar
Arbonia Riesa GmbH, 2014
NeoCon Gold Award for table system Reside
Haworth, 2011
IF Design Award for bathroom radiator Plantherm
Arbonia Riesa GmbH, 2010
Red Dot Award honourable mention for table system Temptation
Sedus Systems GmbH, 2009

Nomination for Designpreis der BRDeutschland for e-mood
Duravit AG, 2009

iF Design Award for bath furniture e-mood
Duravit AG, 2008
iF Design Award for sliding table saw WA 80
Altendorf Maschinenbau GmbH, 2008

Nomination for Designpreis BRDeutschland for Relations
Sedus Systems GmbH, 2008

Nomination for Designpreis BRDeutschland for F45 Elmo
Altendorf Maschinenbau, 2007

iF Gold Award for sliding table saw F45 Elmo
Altendorf Maschinenbau GmbH, 2007
Red Dot Award for office furniture Relations
Sedus Systems GmbH, 2007
NeoCon Gold Award for office chair Mitos
Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG, 2006

Nomination for Designpreis der BRDeutschland for Bagnotherm
Arbonia Riesa GmbH, 2006

iF Design Award for bathroom radiator Bagnotherm
Arbonia Riesa GmbH, 2006
Red Dot Award for bathroom radiator Bagnotherm
Arbonia Riesa GmbH, 2005

Nomination for Designpreis BRDeutschland for ZikZak
Steelcase Inc., 2004

Best Office Selection for office chair Mitos, 
Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG, 2003
Red Dot Award "best of the best" for ZikZak
Steelcase Werndl GmbH, 2003

Exhibition of office furniture system Frisco at the MOMA, NY
Steelcase Werndl GmbH, 2001

Red Dot Award for table system Frisco, 
Steelcase Werndl GmbH, 1998
Red Dot Award for sanitary ceramic Espirit
Ideal Standard GmbH, 1996
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